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Jenna Betti: Calif. teen tragically killed by train after she dropped her phone
Jenna's mother, pictured here with her daughter, described herself as devastated by the horrific news.

Jenna Betti, a 14-year-old teen from Martinez, Calif. was tragically killed Sunday evening by a passing freight train. The eighth-grader had been sitting on the train tracks with her boyfriend prior to the train passing, dropped her phone and returned to find it when she was struck and killed.

According to the Huffington Post on Tuesday, Betti was pulled into the strong vacuum created by the fast-moving train.

The two teens saw the train round the bend and jumped off the tracks before the eastbound Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway train rolled by. Jenna evidently dropped her phone however, and in a last-second decision, backtracked to retrieve it.

“Both individuals got off of the track, and for some unknown reason, one of the individuals came back on the track,” railway spokeswoman Lena Kent said.

Jenna’s mom tried to make sense of the unspeakable tragedy.

“She dropped her phone and went back to retrieve it,” her mother, Dena Betti, posted on Facebook Sunday, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “She didn't judge the approach, and the train creates a vacuum, we were told, and it sucks you in.”

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

“Thank you for all your love, support and prayers during this very difficult time,” her heartbroken mother wrote. “Why they made such a horrible decision we'll never know.”

According to the Post article, Betti, a student at Martinez Junior High School, “was a popular student and star soccer player. On Monday, classmates at the school wore pink – her favorite color – in her memory. District officials had grief counselors on hand to help students through the tragedy.”

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