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Jenn Costantino debut CD is 'The Best Part Of Me'

Jenn Costantino
Jenn Costantino  photo by Jonathan Grassi

The first thing you notice about Jenn Costantino is her classic beauty. Golden hair, deep blue eyes and mysterious smile.  If that isn't enough, she will totally melt your heart with her voice.

On November 17, you will be able to take that golden voice with you on her Debut album, "The Best Part Of Me" from iTunes. With the help of producer Tomas Costanza and vocal coach Katie Agresta, The Best Part of Me is one of the finest albums to come out this year.   

 "With Katie (as her coach), my voice has become much fuller.  Between Katie and Tomas I know 'The Best Part Of Me' will do well. I am blessed to have them."

A ten song set, which Jenn wrote seven of, offers you a look into Jenn’s heart and into yours as well.
"It truly is the 'Best Part Of Me'... I poured my heart into it."

Heart is what Jenn is all about in her spare time as well.  She has devoted countless hours to the 'Go Red For Women" campaign for the Heart Association. She is a Heart Disease survivor herself, she has undergone 4 operations, the last one to replace the battery in her pacemaker, soon after completion of recording.  "We joke that  I ran the battery down," Jenn laughed. 
Three weeks later she performed the National Anthem at the Brooklyn Cyclones  ballgame.

Jenn does not view her heart condition as a handicap. " I am proof that people can lead productive lives with a pacemaker"   If you talk to Jenn, you know that is true.  She is upbeat, bubbly, full of life and laughter.

"Right now the album is only on iTunes, but soon it will be released on CD as well.  We are in the final stages of designing the cover." Jenn promised.

The Best Part of Me is soulful, sultry with Pop overtones. Growing up listening to Madonna, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey has definitely influenced Jenn’s musical styling.  She also is a big fan of Alicia Keys.

Now that it is done, what’s next?  "I am going to be doing some live performing". says Jenn, " Acoustic style with a guitar accompaniment.  We did that for the Heart Association's 'Red Ball' and it went very well".

To find out more about the golden girl with the golden voice, stop by her myspace and listen to her songs.  She will win over your heart. but don't worry...she knows it's the best part of you.