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Jenise Wright update: Suspect may have been muddy

Who killed Jenise Wright?
Chelsea Hoffman 2014

Who murdered Jenise Wright? Police say that a potential suspect may have been muddy over the weekend when the girl was killed -- indicating that the area where her body was found is muddy. This news was shared on Friday (Aug. 8), as officials asked the public to search their memories for anything unusual that could have taken place over the weekend. Deputy Scott Wilson is calling Jenise's death suspicious, and noted that the person responsible for her death may have had muddy shoes, pants or shirt after disposing of the girl's body.

Investigators are also re-canvassing the area surrounding where Jenise's body was found. In addition to this, they are seeking DNA samples from everyone in the area who are willing. Everyone in the trailer park where the child vanished reportedly allowed for their properties to be searched, so hopefully they'll be as willing to offer DNA (check swabs). Is the search for DNA indicative of evidence found at the scene of Jenise's body? It's very likely that someone else's DNA was found in the recovery of the child's body -- which would explain why investigators are looking for DNA.

There is little doubt about it: This little girl fell victim to foul play. The question at this point is regarding who did it, while the public demands answers to their mounting questions. The most important question to ask, especially if you're in Bremerton, Wash., is if a potential predator is roaming freely in the area. Was Jenise Wright killed by a random predator who could prey on someone else's children as well? Or was she killed by someone who knew her? This is definitely a time of uncertainty for families that live in this area, and the silence coming from law enforcement officials is probably not helping them feel safe.

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