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Jenise Wright's accused killer outed on social media

Gabe Gaeta is the teen accused of killing Jenise Wright.
Gabe Gaeta is the teen accused of killing Jenise Wright.
Facebook/Gabe Daeta 2013

The teenage boy accused of raping and killing Jenise Wright has been outed on social media, and now the entire world knows his identity -- against the best efforts of police investigators at keeping him unidentified for the time being. Nobody in the mainstream media is reporting this yet, but even the young man's family have acknowledged the horrible situation on their Facebook pages. Gabe's own Facebook page is publicly searchable.

This source shares that the accused killer will be in court today for the first time, so it's highly likely that his identity will be revealed through the mainstream media then. Until then, you can click here to see all of the different places where his identity has been confirmed as the only suspect in Jenise's rape and murder.

Gabe Gaeta is described as being a "quiet" kid who "seemed nice" in the neighborhood where this tragedy took place. He only lived just around the corner from Jenise Wright, meaning he likely had plenty of opportunities to watch this child and get to know the fact that her parents were not attentive at all. He probably knew very well that she'd be missing for hours before anybody would even notice. The fact that this suspect is a teenage boy should only further drive home the fact that children are not safe in neighborhoods without parental supervision. Just because neighborhood has a lot of kids and older kids like Gabe doesn't mean that a young child will be safe from any harm. In fact, this story proves that sometimes the worst dangers are lurking right in your own community