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Jenise Wright case: What is a LEAP Alert?

Where is Jenise Wright?
Chelsea Hoffman 2014

Six-year-old Jenise Paulette Wright vanished from her home after she was last seen on Saturday night. However, her parents didn't report her missing until she had been gone for at least 24-hours. As of August 5th, Tuesday, a LEAP Alert is still in effect for the missing child -- and the parents have agreed to be polygraphed, as well as have their home searched by investigators. However, the results of the home search and the polygraph tests aren't yet known. Naturally, suspicion is being cast in the direction of the girl's parents -- and for good reason, since they waited a full day to even report her disappearance. So with all of the madness of this case, you might be wondering what a LEAP Alert actually is, and why it applies to this disappearance.

In the state of Wa., a LEAP Alert is essentially the same thing as an Amber Alert, meaning it's an alert system used to notify police of a child's disappearance. It's the primary alert system for child disappearances in the state of Wa., among a few other states. So the criteria is a little different in Wa. from other states when it comes to this Amber Alert system. For instance: a car wasn't sighted in the disappearance of this six-year-old child, but in other states a sighted vehicle (or a description of a suspect) is mandatory before an Amber Alert is activated. It should be noted that there is really no solid information in Jenise Wright's case -- only that she was last seen in her home going to bed. She could have been snatched out of her bedroom as the family slept, or something else could have happened to her indicating foul play. She could have also wandered out of the home on her own. It's just hard to speculate on those ideas since the parents, again, waited a full day to even report her disappearance.

This case is shaping up to be a high profile mystery, but it's important to not lose focus of the important fact of the matter: Jenise Wright is still missing. This is a six-year-old child who could be anywhere, and it's up to the numerous investigative officials on the case to find out just what did happen.

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