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Jenelle Evans thinks her fans are dumb? Makes video to say baby’s name

Jennelle Evans
Jennelle Evans
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Jenelle Evans has way too much time on her hands. The “Teen Mom 2” star is pregnant with her second love child and when she isn’t causing drama she apparently is going around correcting people. On Friday the reality star posted a video on how to pronounce her child’s name correctly. According to Wet Paint on Friday, there are two ways the name could be pronounced and it appears that Evans made up a third way.

“Check out this video I recorded for you guys so you can pronounce my babies name right!!! FINALLY!!!!!” tweeted Jenelle Evans from her official Twitter account. The star included a video that gave every fan a pronouncing key to remember. "All of you've been asking me how to pronounce my baby's name, well you pronounce it Kaiser (K-eye-zer)."

It really is hard to believe this reality star has time to post a video offering her fans a lesson in how to say a baby’s name. Perhaps that is the life of a reality star, but in the real world mothers are worried about their kids and making sure that there is food on the table. Add that there is no life crisis over mispronouncing a name and it can be corrected when it comes up (and it is impossible to know if someone is not saying it correctly by typing it on social media.)

Jenelle Evans reality seems quite skewed. Worried about what everyone else is doing and saying, she seems affixed on being the center of attention and in the process uses her kids at bait to make fans pay attention.