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Jenelle Evans: ‘Teen Mom 2’ star is expecting a baby with Nathan Griffith

Jenelle Evans, the reality star on the hit series “Teen Mom 2” has been in a relationship with Nathan Griffith for almost a year. Now the happy, dating couple are expecting a baby this June. This is exciting news for them but is it really?

New baby and new problems!

In a news release on March 11 from Wetpaint Entertainment, Jenelle Evans has some personal issues that seem to put a damper on her happiness. She is currently married to Courtland Rogers but he is estranged from her. Janelle doesn’t want to have anything to do with him now or in the future. She does however wants to marry Nathan Griffith but that may be further down the road they would like it to be.

According to the laws in North Carolina, Janelle and Courtland need to be separated for a full year before she can file for divorce. That year will be up in April and baby number two will be born sometime in June. Nathan and Janelle may not be wed before their child is born but hopefully if things go smoothly for them they won’t have too long to wait for a happy ending.

That happy ending or new beginning may also not be what they are expecting either. It seems that Courtland is annoying her online through social media venues. Fans thought that her conversations with Courtland seemed out of place since she is enjoying her relationship with Nathan and thought it awkward since Courtland and her are estranged from each other.

That brought up another point that everyone is talking about. There seems to be trust issues between Evans and Griffith concerning her texts, messages and conversations with Courtland and it may be more than that too. Who really knows for sure? Janelle said she has nothing to hide and tells Nathan about her talks with Courtland but it seems that isn’t enough for Nathan as he makes a point of reading all of her messages himself.

This certainly is not a good way to enter into a more serious step in their relationship. Trust is a must and if both don’t give it their all there will be issues sooner than later as their relationship continues. If you love someone you should also trust that person as well. When there is only one and not the other, the future won’t be as bright as it should. Hoping all parties will wake up and smell the roses and move forward with a positive attitude into the future.

Best wishes for health and happiness to Janelle and Nathan who are expecting a child in June!

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