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Jenelle Evans smoking during pregnancy? 'Teen Mom 2' star speaks out

Is Jenelle Evans smoking during her pregnancy?

Jenelle Evans of “Teen Mom 2” is often finding herself ridiculed for her behavior, but the reality starlet is trying to get her life back on the right track. Attending school, Jenelle Evans shared a picture of her school books, but unintentionally shared more than just her textbooks in the photo and now she is under fire. According to a Jan. 29 report by Radar Online, a pack of cigarettes were clearly visible beside the text books. Now, this wouldn’t be an issue, except the “Teen Mom 2” star is pregnant and due to give birth in July, so clearly she shouldn’t be smoking!

Almost immediately, those who follow Jenelle on Twitter began attacking her for the photo, calling her out for smoking while pregnant. Did the cigarettes actually belong to her, though? She does have a boyfriend and is often with her mom, so could the cigarettes have possibly belonged to one of them?

A source explained to Radar Online, “Nathan doesn’t smoke, Barbara doesn’t smoke. And the cigarettes clearly don’t belong to Jace, so who else is smoking them?”

Oh well, it looks like Jenelle Evans has some explaining to do then! She didn’t give a quote, but did address the picture – sort of.

“Every move that I make is watched, and criticized! So when I tweeted this photo of my school books, I should have known the analyzing that would begin because of this photo! The cigarettes in the photo are NOT mine,” Jenelle explained, tweeting the link to an article that didn’t really provide any further explanation other than saying no one should judge Jenelle Evans.

Many people will assume that the cigarettes belong to Jenelle Evans and that she is smoking them and, although it seems that way, no one can say for certain. There are people who have a hard time quitting smoking, even when pregnant. Perhaps Jenelle is one of them and is trying to quit? Whatever is going on, hopefully she is taking care of herself.

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