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Jenelle Evans slams Amber in new interview after wishing her well days prior

'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans shares a photo of her baby bump.
'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans shares a photo of her baby bump.
Jenelle Evans/Instagram

Jenelle Evans is once again stirring the pot in the "Teen Mom" world.

Just days after telling fans that she and Amber Portwood have absolutely no tension between them, and that she wished her well moving forward, a new interview has surfaced in which Jenelle claims Amber should not be giving her advice because of her own past.

“Amber has no room to talk or give me any advice,” Jenelle says in the March 31 issue of OK magazine, according to a March 20 report by Hollywood Life. “She never comments on the good things I’m doing in life.”

Although Amber has had a dramatic few years, plagued with an assault, drug use, and jail time, she's made an impressive turnaround. While incarcerated, Amber began writing a book, joined the choir, and even kicked her drug habit, going on to become a drug counselor herself.

Rather than decline to receive help for her drug problem, as Jenelle did, Amber faced it head-on, educating herself about the disease and staying active in her treatment to ensure she would not return to drugs. Amber has truly shown that she has changed and isn't just claiming to be a new woman, so fans have a lot of respect for her and how far she's come.

Jenelle might think that Amber shouldn't be giving her advice, but Amber's actually the perfect person to give her advice. She can relate to Jenelle and what Jenelle has been through better than anybody. So, if anything, Jenelle should be thanking her.

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