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Jenelle Evans reportedly thinks Amber Portwood should mind her own business

'Teen Mom' star Amber Portwood shares a post-prison selfie.
Amber Portwood/Twitter

Jenelle Evans' fellow "Teen Mom," Amber Portwood, recently returned to Twitter for the first time since her Nov. 2013 release from prison, and already, Jenelle appears to be stirring up drama in her life.

In addition to reporting on her on her website, Jenelle also tweeted about her return to prison.

After fans wrote to Amber, warning her about Jenelle, her site, and her drama, Amber explained that she wasn't worried about anyone's attempts at making her life miserable, and went about her business. However, Jenelle is reportedly fighting back after seeing Amber's comment.

“Jenelle isn’t going to fight with Amber and she doesn’t care what all of those random people say on Twitter,” a source told Radar Online on March 17. “Jenelle thinks she should mind her own business anyway!”

To say that Amber should mind her own business is extremely hypocritical. Not only does Jenelle publish story after story about all of the girls from all three installments of "Teen Mom," she also frequently engages in public feuds with her co-stars. If anyone is in the business of their co-stars, it's certainly Jenelle -- not Amber.

Either way, Amber appears to be distancing herself from Jenelle, which is a smart choice. Jenelle has a habit of inserting herself where she doesn't belong, and Amber doesn't need that stress at this point in her life.

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