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Jenelle Evans' mom slams her for jeopardizing her future with Nathan

'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend Nathan Griffith.
'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend Nathan Griffith.
Jenelle Evans/Twitter

Jenelle Evans is currently pregnant with her second child, but just months before announcing that she was expecting, Jenelle was arrested and thrown behind bars for testing positive for marijuana.

The positive drug test came after months of claiming to fans, and likely her family, that she was completely drug-free, including marijuana. But despite her claims, many weren't surprised, and her mom, Barbara Evans was one of those people.

In a March 25 sneak peek at Tuesday night's "Teen Mom," Barbara is heard venting about her daughter and her law-breaking ways.

"I'm gonna tell you, straight on, that this is what happens with Jenelle," Barbara snaps at Griffith. "Because Jenelle can be such a little bitch, right? And she does all these things and jeopardizes everybody. She's jeopardizing your future, she's jeopardizing [Jace's] safety."

Barbara went on to criticize Jenelle for not taking her role as a parent seriously. In addition to not raising Jace from birth, Jenelle has also failed regain custody after signing it over to her mother shortly after he was born.

Although Barbara has done a wonderful job with Jace and surely loves having him around, raising a child at her age isn't something she planned on and it's often a struggle.

So, when Jenelle does things like this, proving she's not ready to be a mom, it's all the more discouraging.

"If I was her, and I wanted custody over my kid, I'd do everything -- I'd work three jobs to prove that I was a fit mother," she continued. "I wouldn't be riding around smoking weed! I'm glad she went to jail, because Jenelle thinks she's above the law."

For more Jenelle Evans, tune into "Teen Mom 2" every Tuesday at 10 p.m.

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