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Jenelle Evans hopes Farrah Abraham will get her life together like she has

'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend Nathan Griffith hang with Jace on Thanksgiving.
Jenelle Evans/Twitter

Jenelle Evans has once again proven that she could very well be delusional.

On March 2, a fan tweeted, "Hopefully @F1abraham can get her life together like @PBandJenelley_1 did. She's living proof people can change." The next day, Jenelle re-tweeted the message to her own fans.

Jenelle may think that she has her life together, but she still doesn't have custody of her son -- who is 4-years-old. For years now, she's said that she is going to get him back, but then, she ends up pregnant or arrested. In the last two years, Jenelle has been arrested several times and gotten pregnant three times (the first ended in miscarriage, she claims, and the second ended in abortion in 2013). Now, she and a man named Nathan Griffith, who also doesn't have custody of his first child, nor does he appear to have a job, are expecting a baby.

It doesn't exactly sound like a great situation, but Jenelle apparently feels that she's doing great.

Unfortunately, most of her fans don't agree.

In regard to the re-tweet, one wrote, "wtf?!?!?!" Another said, "But Farrah has custody of her child."

Other were more brutal. "They are both equally disgusting. And equally damaged goods," said a woman named Nancy. Then, someone named Leigh-Ann pointed out, "At least [Farrah]'s a mother to her child and hasn't given her away, essentially."

Farrah may have starred in a sex tape, but in all other areas she seems to be doing good. She's getting an education, she has her own home, and, most importantly, she has full custody of her child.

Hopefully, one day, Jenelle too will have custody of her child.

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