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Jenelle Evans has no respect for the mother of Nathan Griffith's child

'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans shares a photo of herself and Nathan's daughter, Emery
'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans shares a photo of herself and Nathan's daughter, Emery
Jenelle Evans/Instagram

Jenelle Evans is infamously clueless when it comes to respect.

Not only does the "Teen Mom 2" star treat her mother horrible, she also has trouble determining right from wrong -- especially when it comes to dealing with members of her significant others' pasts.

Over the weekend, Jenelle and her current boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, reunited with his daughter, Emery, in what appears to be the first time in several months, and took her to the mall with Jenelle's own son, Jace.

However, rather than keeping their visit private and respecting the mother of Emery, who has been more than tolerant when it comes to dealing with Jenelle and all her drama, Jenelle chose to tweet and share photos of Emery and of Emery and herself, and according to a March17 report by The Stir, fans have reacted badly.

"I would be pissed if some other girl was taking pictures with my son. You should be taking pictures with your son instead of his daughter," one fan wrote.

Another said, "She should respect that little girls mother and not post pictures on Instagram if she has legal docs saying this is not to be done! Good way to get those supervised visits taken away from that so-called dad again but as usual Jenelle only cares about herself per her life on Teen Mom!"

In the past, it was reported that Jenelle wasn't allowed to publicize their meetings, so either something has changed, or Jenelle is about to get herself and her boyfriend in a lot of trouble.

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