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Jenelle Evans getting divorce from Courtland Rogers: ‘Teen Mom 2’ news

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Jenelle Evans has shared she is getting a divorce from Courtland Rogers, and she has not been dwelling on it. US Magazine reports on Saturday that the “Teen Mom 2” star is not interested in alimony right now. Instead, the pregnant reality star is focusing on her relationship with Nathan Griffith and planning her future.

Evans married Rogers in 2012, but he was accused of hitting her and her child in 2013. After this tumultuous relationship, Evans moved on to Griffith, and she is expecting a child with him. The reality star has shared she plans to name the boy Kaiser.

Filing for divorce has not slowed down Evans who reveals she has been busy planning for her baby shower on Twitter. She is expecting to give birth on June 29, and she admits the couple spent a lot of time trying to pick out a unique name for the boy. Evans gives Griffith credit for picking out the name that she feels is perfect.

Despite filing for divorce, Evans is not thinking about Rogers or discussing him. Instead, she is trying to defend herself on Twitter from criticism about her decision to go out with her boyfriend. The “Teen Mom 2” star claims she was the designated driver and did not touch a drop of alcohol while others had fun.

From defending her decisions to discussing her baby shower, Evans has not stopped or slowed down despite being eight months pregnant. She recently admitted to planning a trip to Disney World for her family and shared Jace was excited about the vacation. However, it is not clear when she plans to go to Disney, and fans are criticizing the reality star for traveling during her pregnancy. Evans may wait for Kaiser to be born before visiting Disney, but she has not confirmed it.