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Jenelle Evans fights back against claims her beach outing wasn't appropriate

'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans with her boyfriend Nathan Griffith and her son Jace.
'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans with her boyfriend Nathan Griffith and her son Jace.
Jenelle Evans/Twitter

Jenelle Evans is under fire for her latest beach outing.

Over the weekend, just one week after giving birth to her son Kaiser, the "Teen Mom 2" star surfaced on the beaches of South Carolina and was nearly immediately slammed by critics who felt it was way too soon for Evans to be leaving her son.

In response, Evans posted a message to fans on Twitter on July 8.

"It's none of yr business where I go or what I do with my newborn son," she wrote. "Lmao so immature, half of u don't even have children of yr own!"

On Monday, Us Weekly reported that Evans had gone to the beach with her oldest son, Jace, for some one-on-time, but still, fans weren't impressed and felt that Evans should be staying put since her newborn is so young.

Either way, Evans doesn't care what her haters think and plans to keep doing what she feels is best for her situation.

In just under two weeks, fans will get reacquainted with Evans and her new family on the second half of the fifth season of "Teen Mom 2."

On the show, fans will watch as Evans and Griffith prepare for the arrival of baby Kaiser and juggle Griffith's legal drama. As fans have likely heard, Griffith was charged with a DUI in Sept. 2013 after he and Evans spent a night out partying. During the arrest, Griffith and Evans reportedly claimed they were trying to have sex. Whatever the case, Griffith was arrested and taken to jail, and now, he's facing time behind bars.

"Teen Mom 2" season 5B premieres on July 16 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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