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Jenelle Evans divorce: Pregnant Jenelle set to divorce Courtland Rogers

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Jenelle Evans will divorce Courtland Rogers on or around April 24. According to Radar Online, Rogers has just been released from jail after being locked up for one year on drug-related charges. On April 2 it was reported that Evans has moved on with her life and she cannot wait to get ride of Rogers officially.

"I'm ready to get him out of my life and move on with being Jenelle EVANS again," the reality star exclusively told Radar Online. In the state of North Carolina, you must be separated from your spouse for one year before you can file for divorce -- Rogers' time in and out of the slammer provided a somewhat easy year for Evans to get through before being able to drop him.

Jenelle Evans' divorce has really been a long time coming. She has already moved on with life and has been dating Nathan Griffin. He is the father of her second child who is due in early summer. It is obvious that Jenelle has already moved on with her life (you know, since she's pregnant with someone else's baby).

"Jenelle wants to divorce Courtland and marry Nathan. She is done with Courtland and wants nothing else to do with him," a source shared (via Radar Online). Fans hope that Evans can settle down and have a good (read clean) life with Griffin and her two children.

Will Jenelle Evans' divorce be an easy process? Well that all depends on Rogers now doesn't it?

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