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Jenelle Evans denies claims that she's paying Nathan Griffith's bills

'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans with her boyfriend Nathan Griffith and her son Jace.
'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans with her boyfriend Nathan Griffith and her son Jace.
Jenelle Evans/Twitter

Jenelle Evans has been dating Nathan Griffith for a year now, but while he had a job when she met him, he quit soon after and reportedly hasn't worked since.

Needless to say, both Evans and Griffith have gotten a lot of flack over Griffith's lack of career -- especially considering they are expecting a child together any day now -- but according to Evans, Griffith has his own money.

After a woman on Twitter claimed on June 19 that Griffith was spending her money at Hooters, Evans spoke out, telling the fan, "Who ever said he was spending my money? I carry my own money, he carries his. I need mine for lunch time anyways."

While it is certainly believable that both Evans and Griffith carry money, it's hard to understand how Griffith could be paying his own bills and treating himself to days out at Hooters. Since he hasn't worked at the Wynn Hotel in Myrtle Beach for months now, how is he generating income? Sure, he is likely getting paid as a guest star on "Teen Mom 2," but since he's only been on for one season, it can't be all that much.

Still, Evans insists he's not a freeloader. In fact, she claims it was Griffith who paid her bills when the pair began dating in the summer of last year.

"He paid my bills when I met him and I had no income," she explained.

Unfortunately for Evans, her fans didn't appear to be convince and many tweeted their disbelief. One particular woman pointed out that Evans was filming "Teen Mom 2" season five when they met, which she was, and therefore did have income. Another woman challenged Evans to reveal where Griffith was getting his income if he's unemployed.

Even if Griffith has his own money from "Teen Mom 2," there's absolutely no excuse for his current unemployment. He has a baby on the way. It's time to grow up and build himself a career -- at least for the sake of the child.

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