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Jenelle Evans deals with paparazzi at her house?

'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend Nathan Griffith.
'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend Nathan Griffith.
Jenelle Evans/Twitter

Jenelle Evans is on a popular MTV reality show, "Teen Mom 2," so often, her photos are valuable to photographers.

However, when it comes to her home in South Carolina, she's typically pretty secure -- at least she was until recently.

In a social media post earlier this week, Jenelle, who is several months pregnant with her second child, shared a photograph, reportedly of paparazzi outside of her home.

"I spy a camera man," Jenelle wrote on Instagram on March 24, along with a photo of her driveway, which had a man standing at the end of it and across the road.

Although Jenelle didn't seem phased by the man, it is a bit creepy to think that he was waiting for her outside of her home, even if it was just for a photo.

Hopefully, Jenelle doesn't have to deal with too much paparazzi attention. At this point in her pregnancy, it is important that she remains calm and stress-free and is able to enjoy the pregnancy.

As for when she is due, reports claim Jenelle will welcome her second child this June.

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