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Jenelle Evans cancels baby registry because of "psychopath" fans

'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans with boyfriend Nathan Griffith.
Jenelle Evans/Twitter

Jenelle Evans spent three hours creating a baby registry for her unborn son, but unfortunately, after fans began to criticize her for the items listed, she deleted the entire thing.

According to a March 3 report by Wetpaint Entertainment, Jenelle created the registry earlier this week, but after fans accused her of being excessive and extravagant in what she wanted, she got so frustrated that she decided to get rid of it.

"Now I just canceled my baby registry all together," Jenelle tweeted. "Thanks so f**king much for being psychopaths after I spent 3 hours on it."

Then, in response to claims that the registry was "excessive," Jenelle defended herself, saying "Look I'm having 2 baby showers and Nathan's mom told me to make a big variety."

Traditionally, mothers only have one baby show, but in Jenelle's case, there will be two, so having a lot for her friends and family members to chose from does make sense. At the same time, she also recently said that she isn't in contact with Nathan's family and doesn't want them to be a part of her child's life, so what is the truth? Are they throwing her a baby shower? Or are they not in her life?

Either way, Jenelle is sure to have at least one shower, and when it comes time for it, she's going to have to create a new registry. Perhaps then, she won't tweet the details to her "psychopath" fans.

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