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Jenelle Evans baby: 'Teen Mom' star has a boy, Kaiser, dad Nathan Griffith proud

Jenelle Evans had a baby boy, Kaiser, this week; both the “Teen Mom” star and the child’s dad, Nathan Griffith, seem ecstatic to welcome the newest addition to their growing family. As the second son for Jenelle, it seems that big brother Jace Evans will now have a little sibling to make a friend and playmate back at home. United Press International News shares the details on the 23-year-old giving birth, as well as Griffith confirming the news for fans via a Twitter photo.

Nathan Griffith Twitter, Photo File (UPI)
Jenelle Evans has a baby boy named Kaiser, very proud

Although both the “Teen Mom” star and Nathan Griffith have a child from previous relationships, a new Jenelle Evans baby is entering the picture frame. Kaiser is the first boy the couple shares together, and fans are already anxious to get a look at the no doubt adorable infant. A big shout of congratulations is in store for the happy couple, who have certainly gone through their fair share of struggles in the past.

Jenelle is confirmed to have given birth to her baby boy this June 30, 2014. Other than his interesting name, most details about Kaiser haven’t been revealed quite yet. Yet Nathan Griffith did take to Twitter this week to share a precious photo of the little tyke’s feet; he sure seems to be one proud dad. What many fellow fans are likely awaiting now is a clip of Jace Evans — the “Teen Mom’s” first son — seeing his new baby brother and enjoying this latest addition to the family.

Although there were some rumors that Nathan and Jenelle were just at the beach earlier this week, the happy dad shared on his official Twitter account that it was all a ruse. The happy news that his pregnant girlfriend had given birth was 100 percent true — “And you thought we were at the beach … Sike!” wrote the bighearted dad as a post caption.

Kaiser marks the newest child for Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith; the baby is the second for the “Teen Mom” star but technically the third for them together. This recent ray of sunshine was much-needed for the 23-year-old, noted Hollywood Life yesterday. The TV star has done her best to work past a number of public problems, including domestic violence issues, ongoing fights with her mother, arrest charges, drug addiction, and struggles raising her son, Jace, without an active father figure present to help.

Yet above all the turmoil, Jenelle says that she’s made it past all of that in order to be there for the love of her life, Jace. She recently opened up via her own social media page that it’s been difficult for her raising her firstborn son without Jace’s biological dad, Andrew Lewis, who reportedly wants nothing to do with his son anymore. But the determined mother is staying strong.

“God, I feel so bad for Jace. His dad really wants nothing to do with him. I never knew a father can actually have the balls to say this,” the “Teen Mom” star recently tweeted.

As a silver lining in the ongoing Jenelle Evans baby saga, the young woman has nonetheless found a source of comfort and support in Nathan Griffith. The dad of Kaiser is not only proud and ready to be there for his new son, but has also been cited as a “wonderful father figure” to little Jace, who looks to him as a role model and integral family member. With grandmother Barbara Evans, big brother Jace, his mother Jenelle and Nathan all there to watch him grow up, Kaiser looks to be off to a very solid beginning. Best of luck and well wishes to the growing family during this special time! Are you excited to see the first photos of Kaiser? It is very probable that these adorable images are just around the corner, so stay tuned.

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