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Jenelle Evans baby: 'Teen Mom 2' star has a son

Jenelle Evans pregnant
Jenelle Evans pregnant
Jenelle Evans on Twitter

Jenelle Evans of "Teen Mom 2" has finally had her new baby boy. On Wednesday, News Oxy shared the news that she finally gave birth to her son. This is her second son and they named him Kasier. This baby is with her new boyfriend Nathan Griffith and he is not the father of her first son. The two boys are about five years apart.

Nathan had tried to trick everyone into thinking that they were at the beach. He didn't want anyone to know what was going on and that they were there having their baby boy yet. They let the world know when he got here on their own terms. Kaiser was 7 lbs. and 1 oz. at the time of his birth.

Jenelle shared how they came up with the name for their son saying, "We were basically searching for baby names on the Internet, and we came up with a bunch of different unique ones. We didn’t want something that everyone else had or had even heard before, even us. So we wanted something different, and we ended up looking up Kaiser."

Wet Paint shared that even though they are not sharing pictures of the baby yet that doesn't mean anything. They feel like it is their choice about when to share the pictures. They will not be selling them to a tabloid either. Jenelle Evans said, "Lmao nobody 'sold' any pics to any magazines. I have the only pictures of my son and don't want to post them everywhere." Share shared this on her Twitter account for all of her fans to see.

Nathan Griffin has a three-year-old daughter and Jenelle has a five-year-old son named Jace. This will make Kaiser a little brother. Hopefully Jenelle shares the pictures soon.