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Jen's Dog of the Week! *New*

This is the start of a weekly article from me, I am going to choose one dog out of the hundreds of emails I get daily.. One dog that desperately needs to be adopted. I'm going to post its photo, story, location, and how to contact someone about adopting this dog if you are interested. Hopefully cross posting these animals this way will get them and the shelters/rescues they are in more exposure. Thank you for taking time to read this and feel free to cross post these dogs as well. All help is greatly appreciated.

Please meet Precious. She is a young Boxer/Lab mix, female weighing around 42 pounds. She is a beautiful shiny black with some white spots and her tail has been docked.

Precious is located at the Jefferson County Animal Shelter in Madison, IN. This is a shelter that euthanizes because of space issues and Precious's time is running out. While her shelter family loves her and has nothing but high praise for her, there is little they can do if she is not adopted soon. This shelter IS rescue friendly, so if you are associated with or know of a rescue that may be able to pull her, please contact Jenny at or call 812-273-1788 as soon as possible!

If you would be interested in meeting Precious and considering adding her to your family, please call the shelter, or email Jenny. Who knows, you may just find your next best friend!

Jefferson County Animal Shelter in Madison, IN.