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Jen Arnold, Bill Klein ‘The Little Couple’ want fan questions? TLC fans ask away

Q / A session for Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein
Q / A session for Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein
Dr. Jen Arnold / Twitter

The Little Couple” stars Jen Arnold and Bill Klein know their story offers an interesting take on living in America. Week after week, the family has opened their hearts and homes for the viewers to watch. The reality stars appear to want to share more too. On Monday the reality stars asked their fans to offer up any questions that come from the show to answer for a TLC special.

“Have a question for Bill & Jen? Leave it in the comments, it could be answered in an upcoming special!” wrote “The Little Couple” on the show’s official Twitter account on Monday. While many fans are curious about the couple and their lives, the questions posed so far are extremely interesting.
With a new clip shared with TLC fans on Monday. The fans get to see that Zoey's visa has been approved and Bill can book flights home as the story of the adoption further progresses.

Many fans want to know about the kids, Zoey and Will, as they two seem to be adorable children. Questions such as, have the children adapted well to the new home structure, and what are your challenges? Will the parents return to the kid’s homeland when they become an adult to help them understand where they came from? And, even simple questions like what is the kid’s favorite food?

Of course there are some serious questions about cancer too. Jen Arnold battled the disease and won which has many people admiring her courage. Offering up questions about treatments and how she is coping, the fans want to find out her current situation.

“The Little Couple” has been on television for several years, but it appears that this season is the one that really has drawn people close to the family. While that could be a hindrance for some, it seems that Jen and Bill are appreciative of the moments they share with their fans.

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