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Jelly doughnut rock mystery: No pastry chef on Mars, just a broken rock

Jelly doughnut rock mystery on Mars solved, no pastry chef involved, just a broken rock.
Jelly doughnut rock mystery on Mars solved, no pastry chef involved, just a broken rock.

The jelly doughnut rock mystery on the planet Mars is now solved. The rock baffled scientists when one picture showed vacant ground and then a picture of the same area showed a rock that looked like a jelly doughnut, just a little while later. The mystery started, where did that rock come from?

According to CNN News on Feb. 14, scientists said that the jelly doughnut rock seemed to appear out of nowhere. The lead scientist of the Mars Exploration Rover mission, Steve Squyres, described the rock as “white” with a “dark red low spot in the middle,” thus the “jelly donut” dubbed rock was born in the media.

Now that the mystery has the world’s curiosity, how did that rock get there? It wasn’t a leftover jelly doughnut from a police stack-out, as this area is out of every law enforcement agency in the world's jurisdiction. The Opportunity is all alone up there with its cameras.

The rock’s origin is not exciting, in fact with all the hoop-la around it the answer is almost mundane. The Opportunity rover broke a rock going over it and moved the jelly doughnut-looking piece with its wheel and into just the right angle for the camera to pick it up.

To make a long story short, the rover broke a rock and it got pushed into the view of the camera by the motion of the rover’s wheels. That’s it, the end of the mystery, but you have to admit it was fun while it lasted.

For just a minute there it looked like there was not only life on Mars, but they’ve mastered the making of a "jelly donut." Folks were waiting for the rover to come across a Dunkin Donut’s drive-thru next!