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Jelly Belly Tour

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Located in the southeast corner of Wisconsin, about an hour north of Chicago, is a Jelly Belly distribution center. This mammoth warehouse is home to a store, tour operation and, of course, lots of Jelly Belly candies waiting to be shipped out.

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Parking is available on site and is free of charge. Enter the doors indicated with the TOUR ENTRANCE sign and prepare to take a journey through the history, production, and distribution of Jelly Belly.

Tours are conducted via train and all passengers are required to wear Jelly Belly paper hats. After buckling in the train departs the station and makes its way around the perimeter of the warehouse stopping at large screen monitors along the way.

The stops tell the story of president Ronald Reagan relationship with Jelly Belly, how Jelly Belly jelly beans are made (they are flavored all the way through unlike the competitors beans), fun ways that Jelly Belly jelly beans are incorporated into everyday art, and where and how many jelly beans are shipped each day (the numbers may surprise you).

After the train pulls back into the station passengers are given a sample bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans to take with them as a thank you for visiting. Exit through the door and enter the visual delight of the Jelly Belly store.

Thousands of Jelly Belly jelly beans awaiting your tasting pleasure at the Taste Bar. Taste as many varieties as you'd like. There is a station to purchase Harry Potter flavored jelly beans including rotten egg, cut grass, moldy cheese and centipede to name a few. There is also the traditional flavors including orange, raspberry, blueberry, cherry, and more.

Belly flops (Jelly Belly jelly beans that didn't pass stringent perfection requirements) are available by the bag for a greatly reduced price.

Jelly Belly jelly beans are known around the world for their delicious taste, vibrant colors and interesting flavor choices.