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Jeggings: the meeting of jeans and leggings

Always stylish Sienna Miller rocks a pair of casual jeggings.
Always stylish Sienna Miller rocks a pair of casual jeggings.

What two fashion staples have collided to create the newest "must have" of the season?  The jean and the legging have come together to create the "jegging".  This hybrid of fashion combines the versatility of denim and the comfort and ease of the legging.  The skinny jean has been a wildly popular addition to many wardrobes, so it was only a matter of time until this hybrid hit the scene. 

Katrina Bowden
Photo by Joe's Jeans

Jeggings have been seen all over the Twin Cities, largely because of their ability to be layered so easily.  For the winter months, they provide a great basis to top off with over-sized sweater or cardigan.  Also, many of the Minneapolis fashionistas are wearing these as a the core of their layering for our blustery days.  This new pant choice comes in many variartions of color and also thickness, so you can pick the type of coverage and warmth you would prefer. 

You can find jeggings in many boutiques and stores throughout the metro.  Just a few places to start your jeggings journey:  INC jeggings at Macy's ($59); Express jeggings ($49.50); and Hue jeggings at Bloomingdales ($34).  Remember to choose the look that fits your comfort level and enjoy the new season of the jegging!