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Jeffrey Dahmer: Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's home for sale, would you buy it?

Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood home in Ohio is for sale, again. Dahmer – the American serial killer who committed the rape, murder, dismemberment, cannibalism and necrophilia on 17 men and boys between the late 1970s and early 1990s – has been dead for a decade, but his childhood home, where he committed his first murder, has been a tough sell.

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's home for sale, would you buy it?

Reports The Associated Press on April 5: “Situated on a private wooded lot in a wealthy neighborhood near Akron, the three-bedroom home is priced at $295,000. The home was first listed two years ago before being pulled off the market. Realtor Rich Lubinski said it failed to sell then because of the depressed housing market and its notorious past.”

In 1994, Dahmer was beaten to death by a fellow inmate at the Columbia Correctional Institution where he had been incarcerated. Dahmer was sentenced in 1992 to 15 straight terms of life imprisonment. His home – a tree-shielded ranch-style house built in 1952 – is currently owned by Chris Butler, who was well aware of the notorious history the walls contained.

“If you can get past that little problem, you'll have a wonderful place to live,” Butler said.

Little problem?

“The fact that it was Jeffrey Dahmer's house was not an attraction,” Butler said. “I am not a ghoul. I am not interested in the supernatural.”

Says the AP report:

Dahmer and his parents moved into the house in 1968 when he was 8 years old. Ten years later, he committed his first murder there, killing a hitchhiker he had brought home and then burying the remains in the woods.

Lubinski said the home was on the market for two years before getting yanked because it could not sell. Now that it’s back on the listings, calls have been rolling in, and Lubinski said once he informs the potential buyers of who once lived there, about half don’t care.

“The others, they're immediately not interested,” he said, adding that he tells callers that “this house never killed anyone.”

Would you take up residence in Dahmer’s old haunt? Leave your opinion below.

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