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Jeffrey Barton sex abuse update: School official used drugs to 'paralyze' boys

Jeffrey Barton his with new sex abuse accusations
Jeffrey Barton his with new sex abuse accusations
Wikimedia Creative Commons

An update to the Jeffrey Barton sex abuse allegations have been made clear this weekend, as new details in this case reveal that the former military boarding school official may have used drugs to “paralyze” some of his victims — all young boys at the time — before molesting them. The 56-year-old Barton was initially charged with no less than 16 counts of sexual assault in late 2013, but this week has had seven additional charges compiled to the list of accusations, as well as a new victim. Reuters reports this Saturday, May 31, 2014, that following a revised indictment officially unsealed this weekend in a California courtroom, Barton continues to plead not guilty to all pending charges.

A past leading administrator and figurehead of a prestigious Army and Navy military boarding school for boys, Jeffrey Barton, has new sex abuse charges set against him. The new indictment brings to light that Barton is now accused of drugging, performing illicit sexual acts, and molesting four students in Carlsbad, California, during his time as an academy official. At the time, the boys would have been between the ages of 11 and 15, though they are now all fully fledged adults.

"This is a serious sexual abuse and molestation case spanning over three decades, three separate schools and seven victims," Deputy District Attorney Tracey Prior announced in a statement this week.

The Coast News tells in its updated coverage Jeffrey Barton’s alleged sex abuse that he took a number of students to his private cottage near Carlsbad, as well as several “field trips” away from the Army and Navy academy. During some of these outings, Barton is accused of using prescription drugs to confuse and paralyze his young victims.

According to one student’s new testimony in the court room, he and a fellow cadet were taking a private snowboarding trip with the accused child molester over 15 years ago in 1997. Halfway during their “vacation,” he woke up feeling nauseous and unable to move, then was horrified to see the boarding school administrator (Jeffrey Barton) in the middle of sodomizing the other student.

A grand jury is behind the new indictment. At this time, the accused is held in police custody at the San Diego Central Jail. If Barton is convicted on all charges, he could possibly face a life of imprisonment. The 56-year-old resigned from his position as a top military school official following the investigation and unveiling of the news to the public.

The sexual assaults listed in the indictment were said to occur in the late 1990s to the early 2000s, while all of the victims (who are now in their late 20s, 30s, and early 40s in terms of age) may testify in the upcoming trial. Southern California Court Judge Kathleen Lewis recently decreed that Barton's bail should be increased from $3 million to a hefty $6 million following the most recent charges set against him. Earlier details on the Jeffrey Barton sex abuse case can be found here — while a total of seven of the alleged molestation victims are being included in the trial’s proceedings, four of that number remain uncharged.

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