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Jeffrey Barton sex abuse: Past school admin hit with molestation charges, 7 boys

Jeffrey Barton charged with sex abuse complaints of 7 boys
Jeffrey Barton charged with sex abuse complaints of 7 boys
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A past school board administrator, Jeffrey Barton, is accused of sex abuse this week on charges of molesting a total of seven boys. The former leading figure has since pleaded not guilty this weekend to 23 connected charges, at least one of which is a count of forcible sex on a minor. Raw Story News reports this Saturday, May 31, that these accusations do not simply span over a short period of time or single school, either; the molestation is thought to have occurred over the course of 30 years at three different boarding schools.

This Friday afternoon, May 30, the Jeffrey Barton sex abuse case reached a new point when a court judge made public a grand jury indictment set against Barton in the courtroom. He was ordered to be held on no less than $6 million bail until the forthcoming trial. The 56-year-old man has served as an esteemed past school administrator and previous head of the Navy and Army Academy, located in Carlsbad. Back in October 2013, the suspect was charged and arrested for molesting a pair of middle school cadets.

As of this year, shares that the initial number of two molestation victims has since risen to seven. An additional four victims came to light from schools where Barton had worked in the past, including Aiken Prepareatory Boarding School in South Carolina and McCallie Boarding School in Tennessee. Both of these school institutions were boys-only facilities.

According to the press release, a number of the alleged sex abuse victims (all former cadets or students under authority of Jeffrey Barton) were prepared to testify against the accused former administrator. All of these men would now be between the ages of 25 and 45. However, Barton chose to fire his attorney, leading to the preliminary hearing being called off. The investigative team’s lead prosecutors then made a motion to bring together a grand jury for the scandalous case, said Deputy D.A. Tracey Prior.

The new indictment now includes that accuse 56-year-old Barton of various molestation charges, including have illicit contact with a total of four boys at the Navy and Army Academy, while the other four of the seven are marked as uncharged victims at this point in time. There was some cause for concern from the defense team from this move, considering the timing of the allegations before an election involving Prior’s director.

"There's nothing further from the truth," Prior said outside of the court room this week in a statement. "This case is about a sexual abuse perpetrator who spanned 30 years, three separate boarding schools and seven separate victims."

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