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Jefferson Memorial Forest: A hikers paradise


A family cemetery discovered at the end of a trail  Photo by Brenda Reeves

Jefferson Memorial Forest, located just 15 miles from downtown Louisville is the largest urban forest in the United States. The 6,218 acres offers a wide array of recreational activities for all ages. Check out their website for upcoming events, summer camp for kids, and much more.

On Monday March 8th there will be a workshop on Gardening with native plants.


  A couple of hikers taking a rest in JMF Photo by Brenda Reeves

Jefferson Memorial Forest
11311 Mitchell Hill Road
Fairdale, Ky.
Hiking Trails
(click trail name for map)
Trail Name Map Location Mileage Difficulty Time
Memorial Trail Welcome Center 0.2 mile loop easy, paved 10 min.
Tulip Tree Tom Wallace 0.25 miles one way easy, paved 10 min.
Lake Loop Tom Wallace 0.5 miles easy 20 min.
Purple Heart Trail Tom Wallace 2.0 mile loop moderate 1 hr.
Siltstone Trail Scott's Gap/Siltstone 6.2 miles one way strenuous 3 hrs.
Mitchell Hill Trail Horine 1.5 mile loop moderate 45 min.
Orange Trail Horine 1.7 mile loop moderate 1 hr.
Red Trail via shortcut Horine 3.1 mile loop strenuous 1.5 hrs.
Red Trail Horine 4.5 mile loop strenuous 2 hrs.
Blue Trail Paul Yost 2.7 mile loop moderate 80 min.
McConnell (Yellow) Trail Paul Yost 5.4 mile loop strenuous 160 min.
Scott's Gap Red Trail via shortcut Scott's Gap/Siltstone 1.4 mile loop easy 45 min.
Scott's Gap Red Trail Scott's Gap/Siltstone 3.0 mile loop moderate 1.5 hrs.


  • Appalachian Trail Hiking Examiner 5 years ago

    My wife, daughter and I hike this area alllllllll the time! It is truly a paradise in the Louisville area. We especially like the siltstone trail because we like the long hike and the ridge line hiking it offers. Great article, link to me? I will return the favor.

  • sharon watterson 5 years ago

    great info graph, good work, thank you.

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