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Jeff Wells remembered by Houston music community

The Houston music community is mourning the loss of Jeff Wells who passed away Saturday, April 16 at the age of 60. Jeff was the owner of Sound Arts Recording Studio and worked with thousands of recording artists throughout his career. He was a founding board member of the Houston Blues Museum and a mentor to many including his protege, Brian Baker. Jeff also performed with several groups including Tempest, The Barbara Pennington Band, and Dr. Jeff and the Painkillers.

Those who had the privilege of working with Jeff Wells have been sharing their memories and condolences on Facebook and Twitter:

“I always enjoyed seeing Jeff and Brian at Recording Academy functions. We would catch up and compare notes on projects, gear and bands. It made me feel good to see Sound Arts thrive over the decades. When hurricane Ike put SugarHill out of business for a month, we took tracking sessions over to Sound Arts. Jeff's positive spirit and generous talent will be dearly missed. We hope that Sound Arts continues to thrive. That would be the ultimate tribute to Jeff and an ideal legacy for the Houston Music scene." - Dan Workman, President of SugarHill Studios

“He was such a wonderful kind to me. So kind to this community. I'm still in shock... Please keep the Sound Arts family in your thoughts today... Life is so fragile...” - Girl Friday

“Thank you for the inspiration and constant encouragement Jeff, you will be missed.” - David Garcia of Tyagaraja

A memorial service for Jeff Wells will be held at 2 pm on Friday, April 22 at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 1805 West Alabama Street. The Houston music community will come together in July to celebrate Jeff's life by making music and sharing stories. Information will be available at when it becomes available.


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