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Jeff Maylin Band: "It's Raining in Detroit!"

Jeff Maylin: Detroit Blues
Jeff Maylin: Detroit Blues

The Venue: Harbor House, 440 Clinton Street, Detroit, MI 48223 313-967-9900

The Date and Time: Thursday, May 20th 2010 9:30pm

Jeff Maylin is back at it again.  This time at the Harbor House located in downtown Detroit.  In this rare performance, Jeff opened with Muddy Water's 'I'm Ready.'  A nice slow blues to aid in the digestion of crab legs, chops and other fresh fare that the Harbor House has to offer.  The set also included 'Blues Woman' (a Maylin original) and 'It's Raining in Detroit.'

The Harbor House  is a Detroit classic.  It's fine food and laid back atmosphere offer a fine venue to watch the blues.

Jeff ventured out into the crowd using the wireless and played for the audience going from table to table.

The Second set opened with 'King Bee' and another Jeff Maylin orginal, 'Listen to me Baby.'

Daryl Lee the bass player had a nice solo followed by a solo from Jeremy, the drummer.  Stuart, rythm guitar, kept the pocket tight with ninth chords.

Even after all these years, the Jeff Maylin Band can engage an audience and bring home the blues.  To better understand Jeff Maylin, check out:

Jeff played a version of 'Backdoor Man' that really got the house rocking.  This was followed by 'Stormy Monday.'  Jeff is the master of slow blues.  To understand the blues is to understand life.  Life is sometimes slow, stormy and you might have to use the back door sometimes.  Till next time: Never surrender your blues!!!


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