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Jeff Lewis Neal v. Ryan Hunter highlight TCW show Saturday

A hot and boisterous crowd was only one aspect that made Saturday nights Tri-State Championship Wrestling show in Asheville, NC one of the most enjoyable shows of the year.

Jeff Lewis Neal v. Ryan Hunter
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Jeff Lewis Neal, one of the hottest prospects on the indie scene returned to the TCW ring and a very vocal crowd who turned on him quickly as he sat down in the middle of the ring to challenge current TCW Champion Ryan Hunter.

Neal and Hunter started their feud earlier this year and picked up where they left off this night. The two started off their match wrestling old school with neither besting the other. Neal had an ace in the hole though as JR Reynolds came through the curtain holding Hunter's valet and rumored love interest Ginger Wilde "hostage." While Neal took the house mic and was berating Hunter for being "stupid" a fan jumped the railing as Reynolds attempted to take a chair from ringside. Security quickly surrounded the fan and calmed that situation but just as one hostile scene was winding down another was unfolding as Ric Savage came out to aid Hunter and Wilde.

Booker Scotty Black was quick to make the singles match into a tag team with Savage and Hunter working against Neal and Reynolds. The match was hard fought, very physical (Savage grabbed Reynolds and threw him into the stratosphere with Reynolds ending up upside down in the corner) and Reynolds would end up being pinned by Hunter.

After the match it was announced that TNA SuperStar Gunner would be at the return show at the Riceville Community center on April 5, 2014.

Hunter shows a lot of promise and Neal, who works old school (more on that later), is one of the best heels on the indie scene right now. As the spring and summer continues the feud between these two will only grow more intense and will lead to some "Match of the Year" candidates.

Farther Darkness, who is not well liked in Western North Carolina, seemingly turned Elroy Grimmett to the "dark side" and Elroy went to battle with his brother Stumpy Grimmett and they fought outside without ever getting into the ring for a double count out. Darkness, who is co-general manager with Earl Grimmett, wound up getting "slopped" after his team of Damien and SuperLaw lost to the team of A.D.D. (Manchild/Jamie Lee). The "slop bucket" turned out to be confetti and embarrassed Darkness, making him appear to be nothing more than a joke. Darkness also raised the ire of fans with one fan in particular threatening him and security swarming once again in a busy night for them.

All-in-all TCW presented a great show from top to bottom in front of a rowdy and hot crowd and their debut in Fairview, NC on March 15, which will feature the return of The Rock&Roll Express and the Barbarian and promises to be another good show.

Earlier it was mentioned that Jeff Lewis Neal works "old school" and by that I mean he calls the match in the ring. Doing so seems to be a lost art in professional wrestling anymore and it is not a plague just on the indie wrestling scene. Many times I have seen match after match laid out in the back including pantomime of the moves they are going to do and that just irritates the hell out of me personally. The only thing that should be covered in the back is the finish, how much time and maybe a high spot or two. To lay the entire match out in the dressing room is amateurish at best and at worst probably not going to garner a positive review or be looked upon favorably.

The rest of the TCW show saw Tracer X defeat Exodus, "Boogie Woogie" Mickey Reynolds defeat Rex Rumble, Crisifix defeat Joshua Cutshell, Abel Adams defeated TJ Kincaid (after which Kincaid brutally attacked Adams valet Miranda Diamond and gave her a nasty slam and squash).

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