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Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling announces partner, hints at signings

Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling
Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling

When Jeff Jarrett announced that he was going to listen to the professional wrestling fans when developing his Global Force Wrestling promotion, it seemed exciting. With TNA Impact Wrestling continuing to make missteps, a new alternative looked like it was coming. The Hollywood Reporter announced on Tuesday that the Jeff Jarrett Global Force Wrestling venture has a new partner and it is not the best news for wrestling fans.

The new partner is Dave Broome and his 25/7 Production company. The good news is that they also produce “The Biggest Loser” and have a lot of television experience. He also said that they are shopping TV rights at this time. However, Broome made some comments that seem like this won’t be the wrestling show that fans have been hoping for since Jarrett began teasing it. It may be a TNA alternative, but not for the wrestling action.

According to Broome, they will compete with the WWE and TNA and he said that interest is high from broadcast and cable networks. However, he said that they will not be like WWE or TNA who he said has “match after match after match.” Broome said that Global Force Wrestling will not do that. He said there will be matches but there will be a lot more “variety” placed into the actual events. Fans who feel there is too much talking in TNA and WWE might not like that.

In the more positive news department for Global Force Wrestling, Jarrett and Broome said that they have over 500 performers who they can pool for talent. displayed a number a Global Force Wrestling tweets on Monday that showed names like Lance Hoyt, Carlito Colon, Jay Lethal and Mickie James, hinting that they may be joining GFW. If they get names like these, they can’t really ignore the actual wrestling. Jarrett himself hints that there is a lot more news to come, including some actual signings.