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Jeff Gutt begins band rehearsals and teases Detroit debut show

Detroit native singer/songwriter Jeff Gutt slated to play debut show in Detroit.
Detroit native singer/songwriter Jeff Gutt slated to play debut show in Detroit.
Valerie Hulet McCarty

On Feb. 26 Detroit rocker Jeff Gutt treated JAGarmy members and his huge social media following to a photo via Twitter and Facebook of band members Gary Pittel, Brandon Brown and Cyamak Ashtiani hard at work at rehearsals with the simple caption: “It has begun.”

The band's bass player KC Jenkins tweeted his LA arrival earlier today saying, "Arriving in L.A to join @JeffreyAdamGutt @garypittel @CyamakAshtiani #brandonbown today. Hope ya'll are ready to rock it hard! #JAGarmy"

Jeff is currently in LA after spending the past couple of months post his "X Factor" journey at home in Detroit writing and recording demos with his guitarist and fellow Michigan native Gary Pittel.

In an Examiner exclusive interview earlier this month, Jeff talked about eventually heading to LA to rehearse with the band in preparation for the next exciting steps in his career. He couldn't give specifics then and an official announcement regarding his manager, label and future album plans has not yet been made.

Fans have continued to pour messages of support to Jeff via his growing social media sites as they await confirmation of his impending record deal and tour.

Local fans were thrilled to learn Jeff Gutt and the band (still unnamed) will play their debut show here in Detroit. He posted two teasers about the impending show on Facebook, the first coming on Feb. 15, one day after Valentine’s Day. It read:

“Hi everyone! Quick update. K. Been writing and demoing. Rehearsals with the band (still unnamed) begin in LA in a couple weeks. There is a HUGE Detroit debut show that will be announced SOON! I thank everyone who has been supportive and patient. Your kind messages have been inspiring. As far as labels, managers, agents, etc... also coming soon. #JAGarmy \m/ JG”

The second came six days later on Feb. 21 stating:

“Rehearsals start VERY SOON!!! Detroit show announcements to come as soon as it's confirmed. It's going to be AMAZING! Should get confirmation any day now. I know the dates and the venue but can't say until my lawyers finish the details. Also there will be meet & greet info as well. We'll talk soon. JAG”

So, while the date, time and place have yet to be confirmed, excitement keeps building in the JAGarmy ranks as Jeff's large and loyal global fan base waits for the Detroit Gutt rock bomb to drop.

Diehard local JAG fan Amber Fayez posted a comment saying, “I am SO EXCITED! No plane ticket needed!! FINALLY! I have waited my entire life to live in the same state as a ROCK STAR!”

Fans outside of Detroit are posting about making flight plans and road trips to see the upcoming show including fans from states across the U.S. and countries around the globe like Ohio, California, Canada, South Africa and more.

While they wait to make final travel arrangements, fans can enjoy a bevy of new Jeff Gutt merchandise in the store on including two sensational wall art posters from Mission Detroit Photography, an exclusive line of JAG jewelry from designer Karen Lindner, and some great JAG hoodies, t-shirts and wristbands, among other items.

During the second part of the previously mentioned Examiner interview, Jeff responded to a resounding question from many fans in various locales who wondered if he has a dream venue he’d like to play. He laughed in giving his reply and said, “A full one.”

Something tells us when Jeff Gutt and his boys hit the stage here in Detroit, the talented rocker will see that wish come true.

Follow @JeffreyAdamGutt @garypittel @CyamakAshtiani @KCDREWJ on Twitter and Facebook. Visit his website at and click on the store tab to browse merchandise. Visit Mission Detroit Photography's Facebook page to view more photos of Jeff Gutt.

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