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Jeff Gutt announces guitarist and drummer; more band members revealed soon

Detroit native singer/songwriter Jeff Gutt announces band members Gary Pittel and Brandon Brown
Courtesy of Mission Detroit Photography

JAGarmy members stand at attention: Jeff Gutt announced the first two members of his band yesterday, Jan. 26, on his Facebook page. Co-writer and co-producer of Jeff’s first album “Humanity” Gary Pittel joins as his guitarist and Brandon Brown (formerly of Dry Cell) will be his drummer.

Detroit native singer/songwriter Jeff Gutt previously joined drummer Brandon Brown as lead singer in Dry Cell, leaving the band briefly in 2004, returning in 2005 and exiting permanently in 2009.

Jeff and Shelby Township native Gary Pittel went on to release “Humanity” together in 2009 under their band name Band With No Name (BWNN). The impressive full length album was re-released on iTunes under Jeff’s name during his “X Factor USA” season three run.

Jeff has given his growing fan base regular status updates via his Facebook and Twitter sites since his second place finish in the popular reality competition in December. He’s been busy writing material for his upcoming album and working closely with his attorney as he nears signing a record deal.

Choosing his band members and forming his management team have also topped his priority list and he advised his faithful followers more details will be revealed soon.

Jeff announced guitarist Gary Pittel as first band member by posting his picture on Facebook saying:

“I would like to introduce the 1st member of my band. Gary Pittel is an amazing guitar player. He & I co-wrote/produced my record Humanity. There are 3 more band members that I will be revealing in the near future.”

A few hours later he followed up with a photo of himself with Brandon Brown and the announcement:

“The drummer of my band will be Brandon Brown (formerly of Dry Cell). There's 2 more members but those will be revealed sometime in the future.”

The creative collaboration between these three talented musicians alone should prove to be amazing, with more exciting news to follow. JAGarmy members have been steadily streaming congratulatory comments his way across his social media sites.

Jeff's large international fan base has been busy rallying and supporting him by drafting an e-petition to have his iTunes "X Factor" performances opened up for worldwide download and are lobbying hard for Emmy winning talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to invite Jeff to her show as a guest in another e-petition and various social media outlets. They even shared some amazing stories about how the talented singer has impacted their lives in a recent Examiner exclusive interview, as well as the kinds of songs they're hoping to hear on his next record.

Things seem to be falling into place nicely for the grounded and genuine Midwest musician who continues to inspire thousands of people with his proven example that dreams can come true at any age. Jeff Gutt's single-minded focus and mind-blowing vocal skills make him an easy standout in a market that is currently ripe and ready for a rock revival.

Beyond that, he's already established a strong emotional connection with his audience that will clearly pump album and tour sales and seal his place in an industry that needs more artists who are in it first and foremost for the music and are committed to remaining unchanged by the fame.

Stay tuned for updates on Jeff Gutt and visit his website at and follow @JeffreyAdamGutt and @GaryPittel on Twitter.

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