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Jeff Gordon is gay and dating Stephen Rhodes: Driver is hoaxed by gay rumors

Jeff Gordon
Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images

Rumors are swirling all over the Internet today that Jeff Gordon and Stephen Rhodes are gay and dating each other. On March 26, Outsports posted about how fans are falling for this hoax and sharing it all over social networks. There is no truth to it at all.

Empire State News is the one who posted it first. They are a site similar to The Onion and only posts fake stories trying to stir up problems. They did just that today when everyone started sharing the news about Jeff Gordon because they thought it was true.

Now Stephen Rhodes is really gay. Jeff Gordon has a wife and two children and there is nothing true to the rumors he is gay. The two are also not a couple and never have been one. People are going crazy in the comments and some fell for it. They are supporting Jeff and are on his side. The thing is Jeff Gordon is not gay and is just the victim of a hoax. Hopefully this can be cleared up soon.

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