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Jeff Gordon Gets His Revenge In New Pepsi Max Commercial

Remember last year’s Pepsi Max commercial featuring Jeff Gordon going on a test drive?

Jeff Gordon
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

A day after release of the video that quickly went viral, Travis Okulski, an automotive journalist for Jalopnik broke the news the hilariously exciting Pepsi commercial was 100 percent fake and every person in the video were actors. Despite that revelation, the ad campaign for Pepsi Max was wildly successful and generated more than 40 million views on You Tube, amid a flurry of conversation on social media.

Ever the prankster, Jeff Gordon gets his revenge on Okulski by posing as a taxi cab driver in the latest Pepsi Max commercial, "Test Drive 2" only this time, the passenger hysterics are for real.

On assignment ostensibly to get a first hand look at the new Corvette Zo6 during filming for a commercial, Okulski flew to Charlotte and checked into a Quality Inn he described as “possibly the worst Quality Inn on the east coast”. He was told he would be picked up the following day at 1:30 p.m. to head over to Rockingham Speedway, but waited until 4 p.m. when a cab, driven by Gordon finally showed up.

What begins as a fairly routine cab drive ends up being a police chase with Jeff Gordon, a supposed ex-con who spent 10 years in prison yelling out “I can’t go back”! Gordon proceeds to give Okulski the ride of his life in an old industrial park, all while being secretly videotaped. As Okulski pleads “just unlock the door, let me out”, Gordon pulls into an old warehouse that’s been transformed into a Pepsi Max welcoming party, complete with rock music, confetti, stacks of Pepsi Max bottles and Ray Wert, a friend of Okulski's who said he was pretty harsh on Gordon and Pepsi Max for the initial Test Drive video. Finally realizing he’s been “punked”, Okulski shakes Gordon’s hand and agrees, “that was for real”.

The video now has 1.2 million views on You Tube since it was uploaded earlier today.

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