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Jeff Francouer: Teammates prank him into thinking pitcher is deaf for a month

In the world of professional sports, it is very common for teammates to get as close as family and to pull tricks on one another. Well, veteran baseball outfielder Jeff Francouer received the ultimate prank when his Triple-A teammates actually convinced him that his teammate was deaf. According to CBS Sports on April 12, 2014, they were able to pull it off for an entire month.

Jeff Francouer was not able to catch onto an extensive prank.
Antihero Baseball/Daylight Films

Francouer is currently playing for the El Paso Chihuahuas, the Triple-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres. He signed with him after being released by the Cleveland Indians some time back.

Upon arriving with the team, he met a pitcher for the Chihuahuas by the name of Jorge Reyes. An up-and-coming pitcher, Reyes certainly isn't deaf, but the entire team did everything in their power to convince Francouer that he was.

They were actually able to keep the prank going for a month and through games, meetings, bus rides, dinner, and more.

Teammates says that Francouer is oblivious to many things, and that's how they were able to pull off the prank for so long. At times, Reyes was even seen speaking with teammates after a game, but Francouer never caught on.

The video details how the Chihuahuas put the prank together and kept it going. Make sure to watch all the way through to the end though, as that is where Francouer finally gets told of the prank and learns he has been taken.

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