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Jeff Denham Is Disappointing and Dangerous for Americans Who Aren't Rich

Jeff Denham - Stealing from the poor to enrich the wealthy.
Jeff Denham - Stealing from the poor to enrich the wealthy.

If Americans are not yet aware, Republicans have a knack for lying as a matter of course about their records to conceal their goal of taking from the poor and giving to the wealthy. Representative Jeff Denham (R-CA) sent out a campaign flyer today that follows the GOP model of portraying himself as a deficit hawk intent on reducing the nation’s deficit and creating jobs, but his record tells an entirely different story.

Denham is running for the newly created 10th district, and he claims that by eliminating regulations and giving the wealthy and their corporations more entitlements, jobs will magically appear just like they did not during George W. Bush’s administration. It is the fallacious trickle-down economic failure that Republicans have pushed for over thirty years. After over ten years of the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy, nothing has “trickled down” to the masses and job creation under Bush was the worst in the modern era. However, like all Republicans, facts are irrelevant because they understand that there are just enough stupid Americans who still believe that if they give their last remaining assets to the rich, they may let some pennies trickle down to the peasants.

Denham boasts that he voted for Republican hero Paul Ryan’s Heritage Foundation budget that privatizes Medicare, gives a 10% tax cut to the wealthy on top of their Bush tax cuts, and slashes social safety nets for children, seniors, and the poor. The problem with Ryan’s budget that Denham is well aware of, is that the Draconian spending cuts are a fraction of the entitlements Republicans are handing out to the wealthy.There will be deficit increases under the budget Denham proudly voted for, and it must make Denham proud that his constituency will suffer more under the Heritage budget. He obviously worships the courage of Paul Ryan who adheres to the Ayn Rand ideology of letting the least advantaged Americans suffer so the rich can prosper.

Jeff Denham probably cannot help himself from punishing Americans to reward the wealthy and their corporations, because he is a Republican and they have demonstrated their only goal is sending as many Americans into poverty without food, shelter, and jobs as possible so the wealthy can keep their entitlements. It must be humiliating for Californians to know one of their residents in Congress is working frantically to increase the number of Americans who are hungry, and especially the elderly and children. Denham’s record is making the poor and middle class share the sacrifice of rewarding the wealthy, and if it means children and seniors go hungry and suffer sickness without healthcare, then as Speaker John Boehner said, “So be it.” Denham is not only a disappointment, he is dangerous and a liar.