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Jeff Allen: "Gay-KK" will lynch Christians

Jeff Allen

In a March 25, 2014 column, Jeff Allen, who last week was kicking and screaming about "queer terrorists", dialed his conspiracy theory idiocy up a notch by speculating that the "Gay-KK" will one day be lynching Christians.

"Are you ready for a lynching?" he writes. "Well, ready or not, guess who’s been selected to take the long walk to the gallows?"

Allen's column amounts to nothing more than an intensely exaggerated spin on the American Taliban's most stale rhetoric: Insisting that, because Christians are not persecuting all other non-Christians in America, that must mean Christians in America are being persecuted.

"Hey, it is what it is," Allen incorrectly insists. "As a matter of fact, it's getting harder every day to tell our modern homo-fascists from the Nazis of the 1930s and 40s. 'Gay'-stapo or Gestapo, could somebody please tell me the difference?"

Allen appears to be operating under the hopes that chanting the same nonsense over and over again will magically make it come true one day.

He adds in a separate column that gay people operate as a "monolithic monster" and that a "totalitarian regime" seeking to outlaw Christianity and overturn the Constitution:

As I share a few examples of the deep-seated scheming of the homo-suppressionists, one of the first reactions will invariably be, "Not all homosexuals are like this!" Then, it’s about high time for the liberty-lovers in the homosexual ranks to start loudly condemning the "gay" onslaught against free speech, conscience rights and religious expression (just to name a few). Because one thing is for sure, those who "are like this" haven't held back their aggression one bit; they have nearly drowned out all rational, civil debate. In fact, if they had their way, Christianity would be a criminal act or certainly banished from "polite society." So, the deafening silence of these mysteriously absent "reasonable" homosexuals is starting to make me think that they actually operate more as a monolithic monster.

This is likewise just an exaggerated example of one of the American Taliban's other favorite ploys: Insisting that it is a violation of their free speech rights whenever anybody disagrees with them.

The American Taliban's war against reality continues to prove completely futile.

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