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Jeff Allen: "Don't negotiate with queer terrorists"

Jeff Allen

On March 20, 2014, BarbWire released yet another flailing temper tantrum over the decision by Massachusetts politicians and two prominent brewing companies to opt out of the Boston and New York St. Patrick’s Day parades due to the organizers' decision to ban LGBT groups from participating.

Like his colleague, Gina Miller, Jeff Allen clearly considers it unconstitutional to ever disagree with him and considers it anti-Christian not to let the American Taliban discriminate against anyone they find offensive.

In fact, Allen goes even further by referring to the LGBT community and its supporters as terrorists.

Homosexuals claim that they want equal treatment under the law, but as soon as they are told that they will be treated like any other citizen who breaks public decency laws, they throw a hissy fit. Apparently, they don’t really want equal treatment; what they demand is special treatment. They think that they are entitled to some sort of "protected class," above-the-law status that allows them to brazenly break the law with impunity, and sadly, in most places and in many ways, that's exactly what were witnessing as public officials cower in fear and cave to their every terrorist-like tactic!

Therefore, the "coexist" meme is a falsehood of epic proportions; it's really "Leftist code" for the legal authorization of the anti-Christian forces – of which the virulent homosexual hijackers have become the worst offenders – to run roughshod over anyone with whom they disagree. In their twisted idea of coexistence, Christians and conservatives must live under the heel of the homofascists.

What the St. Patrick’s Day Parade organizers and every other religious group, cultural edifice or icon of morality need to do is implement a "we don't negotiate with 'queer' terrorists" policy. Or else all will be lost to the homosexual hijackers.

BarbWire appears to be operating under the presumption that, if they can get enough of their contributors to make the exact same statement, they can magically will their idiocy into becoming reality.

Whether they like it or not, Massachusetts' politicians, as well as the Samuel Adams and Heineken brewers, were well within their constitutional rights when they decided that they did not want to be a part of the celebration, and no matter how loud the people at BarbWire scream otherwise, that won't ever change.

Likewise, no matter how loud or for how long they scream about the First Amendment, they will never be able to gloss over the fact that their outrage is entirely over their opposition being allowed to exercise it.

The American Taliban's war against reality remains as futile as ever.

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