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Jeff Allen bashes 'Al'Gay'Da' and 'Lezbollah' terrorists

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In an April 7, 2014 column for BarbWire, Jeff Allen responded to the decision by Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich to step down amid a storm of criticism about his contribution to the campaign to repeal marriage equality in California, once again, by lashing out at the LGBT community.

Despite having had the whole weekend to try to articulate his feelings, Allen once again is unable to support himself any way except to throw out a conspiracy theory and lacing it with gay / terrorist puns.

If someone donates $100 or more in support or opposition to a ballot initiative in California, state law requires the disclosure of your full name, occupation and employer. The LA Times published an on-line, searchable database in 2008 with the names and information of those who contributed to the Prop 8 referendum. Armed with this information, militant members of the Al-'Gay'da and Lezbollah terrorist networks utilized Google Maps and produced/published maps indicating where all of the Prop 8 supporters lived and worked. Almost immediately, the supporters of natural marriage found themselves in the crosshairs of an angry mob of homofascist enemies of freedom.

So, whenever liberals argue in favor of legislation mandating the disclosure of the identities of contributors to political issues or candidates, now we know why. It's not really about financial transparency or the integrity of the democratic process. It's so they can target, intimidate and launch reprisals against those with whom they disagree. All dissent must be silenced by the homosexual Taliban.

Once again, Allen operates under the assumption that people do not have the right to do disagree with his own agenda.

No matter how loud Jeff Allen kicks and screams, or how many times he does it, he will never be able to disguise his hatred of the First Amendment as support for it.



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