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Jeep wrangler

the all new jeep wrangler
the all new jeep wrangler
Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Well, it may not be 2015 just yet, but because I know someone who means a lot to me would appreciate this as the topic for my new article. So here goes, for the cult fans of the popular Jeep Wrangler will be very happy to know that the 2015 model is said to show up within the next 3 months for sale in America. What, may you ask makes this such a big deal? The 2015 Wrangler has been completely redone.
Involved in the renovation, improvements have been made to everything from its aerodynamics, breathe easy my Jeep junkies, the boxy shape its so well known for has not been touched. Keeping its superior off-road abilities it will be available in 2 door as well as 4 door. It only comes with 4 wheel drive as it should! One change made is the headlights, the shape of them has changed, so at night it will no longer look like 2 motorcycles riding too close together are behind you.
The 2015 Wrangler will have the best off-roading ability it ever has.
Now, for the inside of the Wrangler will get most modifications, for example; the bland, tough plastic dashboard and trim are now used for background, the tool and home panels have been contoured. The trim has been given a machined look but kept the brief, upright, and professional appearance of the dashboard. The Wrangler has been revamped with all new interior and exterior colors.
The new Wrangler comes with a 2 door sport version with a rag top, to those who need more space the Unlimited version comes with 4 doors.
This Wrangler looks like it will be powered by a 3.6l pentastar V6 that puts out 285 hp and an equally substantial 260 foot pound of torque. This powerful engine will be available with a five speed automatic or for the woman for whom I'm writing this report for it also comes with a 6 speed manual gearbox. What can be said about a girl can drive a stick...HOT, thats all that I can think. With all of this the fuel economy is 17/21, so that is still considered normal with this much power.
Usually, I won't go on about 2 different cars in an article but the 2016 Wrangler will be available as a diesel to help resolve a common issue of gas mileage. It will be a a 3.0l V6 Ecodiesel, its the same engine that comes in the Grand Cherokee diesel. The price of this car has not been determined yet, but it is expected to cost $3,000 more than the gasoline version. The Rubicon or Sahara is planned to run approximately $40,000, so get your checkbook ready and hope you have good credit.

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