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Jeep stroller recall

Recalled Jeep Liberty Stroller
Recalled Jeep Liberty Stroller

A Jeep Liberty tire rupture with spontaneous detachment of the wheel rim? Though this sounds like a potentially drastic problem with Jeep's line of SUV's, it's the latest dangerous stroller recall made by the CPSC.

Kolcraft's branded Jeep Liberty Stroller has been recalled due to the risk of bodily injury and property damage. There have been 39 reports received by the manufacturer and CPSC regarding the wheel's inner tube rupturing, causing the wheel rim to fly off as a projectile. Included in the reports are 18 injuries, 14 of these are said to have happened while an adult was filling the tire with air. The injured include 16 adults, who were hurt on their arms, legs, stomach, head or face by the flying wheel rim, and 2 children who received lacerations to their chins or legs while standing near the stroller when the wheel rim unexpectedly detached.

The recall affects all of the 96,000 Jeep Liberty strollers in the U.S. and 510 in Canada with model numbers starting with JL031, JL032, JL034, JL035 or JL036.

Owners of the recalled stroller should contact Kolcraft at (800) 453-7673 or to request free replacement wheels. Additionally, consumers should only use a manual bicycle pump to inflate the tires to 30 psi. Using an air compressor or a gas station air pump may result in over-inflation and accidental tire explosion.