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Jeep mechanical and possible body moulding issues

Dear Barbara,

I purchased a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 in early 2006. I bought it as a certified Jeep pre-owned vehicle with the remaining factory warranty. It had around 27,000 miles when I bought it. I did lots of research before I bought the vehicle and felt confident buying used since it was from the dealership and certified. I also checked the Carfax report and showed no reports of damage on the vehicle. Here is the issue; the Jeep has had numerous problems. I am not sure if it is because of the fact that it is the first year of this body style or because it was used. Here is what is going on:

The clock springs went out shortly after I brought the Jeep home. They were replaced under warranty. Then the starter went out, of course that was right after the warranty expired. We took it to the Jeep dealership and had a new starter put in. Then the water pump went out last month and it had to be replaced. Finally, the driver's side door has some issues. It sounds like the window is not rolled up and wind is seeping in even though the window is all the way rolled up.

I took it to the dealership and they replaced the door seal and resealed the windshield just in case but the problem still persists. If you visually inspect the door it looks like it is a quarter of an inch lower than the back door. My husband thinks this is the problem and it might be a wrecked vehicle. My question to you is, do you think this door problem is fixable and should I take it to a body shop? Also, is this an outrageous number of issues we have had or are we just getting the kinks out of the vehicle and now it will be good for years? I really hope this is the case as I have wanted a Jeep for years and was so excited about owning it. My husband is ready to give the Jeep away. . . .What is your opinion on buying used?

PS, I am a HUGE fan. I read you every single Sunday and love the column.


Thanks so much! Keri

Dear Keri,

Okay, first of all I am a huge fan of buying used and not buying brand new in order to let someone else eat up that brand new vehicle depreciation. I am also probably the biggest fan of Jeeps and have always gotten excellent life span out of all of my Jeeps.

The gap in the door that you are describing was caused more than likely from some sort of a fender bender to something a lot more extreme. When vehicles come off of the assembly line they come off of there without gaps or uneven seams, so yes… I would take it to a body shop and see what adjusting they can do in order to get that door/window issue corrected like it should be.

I personally would just agree that you have had a little bad luck and that your Jeep may be good to go now for years, I would also recommend investing in an extended warranty on your Jeep to cover it up to 100k on the odo with a small deductible. Jeeps are built to last and built to outlast some of us!

Thanks for being a supporter and fan!



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