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Jeans to shop for now

Fashion's best wardrobe staple...denim
Photo by Mark Von Holden

Jeans have long been a staple, but every year there is a new twist to the trend. Each season the cuts and dyes variy to what's on trend, and even though not everyone can buy new jeans every year, often times new cuts and denims make some shoppers pop for the purchase. Look now for the best jeans for you.

Zippered-Zippered jeans can be areal head turner. They can go from day to night and be dressed up or down.If you are feeling more casual, they can be paired with items like sneakers and scarves. They are a must have for this season.

Moto-Even if you don't own a motorcycle, you can still pull off this style inspired by bikes. Moto jeans have a sort of a horizontal patchwork, right on the knees the way traditional biker pants are made. This hot style will sell out early this season.

Gray-Another trend to look for is a gray jean. This look can also be dressed up or down, but the better the quality, the better is will look on you. Gray jeans will come in regular and metallic denim, and a will be a go to in your closet.

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