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Jeanne Shaheen falls in line with Democrats to push the ‘Wage Gap’ lie

Shaheen pushes party politics over New Hampshire women
Shaheen pushes party politics over New Hampshire women

This morning Senator Shaheen sent out a fundraising letter further pushing the already debunked ‘Wage Gap’ lie that Democrats across the country and in New Hampshire continue to push. Once again women are being treated like imbeciles by Democrats who truly believe that women don’t bother researching the facts. Maybe Democrat women don’t bother verifying what politicians tell them but many Independents, Libertarians and Republicans do. It’s offensive that Democrats keep pushing the same lies (Obama did in his State of the Union address last night as well). It’s deplorable that Democrats want to push legislation (Paycheck Fairness Act) based on their fake 'Wage Gap' that will actually hurt women in the workforce in New Hampshire (SB 207) and across the country. Below is Shaheen’s latest pack of lies (NOTE: The fundraising links have been removed):

Five years ago, we took a big step forward in passing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act – now it’s time for our next big step.

The fact that millions of American women continue to lose nearly a quarter of their potential earnings to gender discrimination is unacceptable.

Women have made progress in private and public life throughout our history. In New Hampshire in 2012, voters elected the first all-women delegation in our country’s history. It marked an incredible and unmistakable sign of our progress.

We can do big things – we always have. I won’t ever stop fighting until women receive equal pay for equal work. But it won’t happen unless we fight together.

Stand with Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand, Kay Hagan and Amy Klobuchar, EMILY’s List and me to get this done.

A record number of women are in Congress, but we need you sounding your voice in support of fair pay for Washington to make this a priority. We need to demand Washington act right away, too.

Women can’t go on making only $.77 on the dollar. It hurts our families, holds our economy back and, frankly, weakens the ability of the United States to be a leader on women’s rights globally.

Thank you,

Even Vice President Joe Biden admitted in a speech that the Lily Ledbetter Act was about lawsuits and not equal pay. New Hampshire had an Equal Pay Act protecting women from discrimination long before the federal government passed one. Women have had protections and remedies from and for discrimination for decades. Women get paid equally or more for the same jobs men do when they have the same experience and education.

For Democrats to demoralize women into believing that they are no better than men is outrageous. Women have worked hard to prove themselves. They’ve come a long way. If Democrats pass the Paycheck Fairness Act it will set women back decades. For Shaheen to jump on this lie proves once again that she’s out-of-touch with New Hampshire women and only seeks to push the real ‘War on Women’ being waged by Democrats. Every Democrat woman pushing this should be ashamed of themselves. Putting party politics over New Hampshire women should be cause for every woman in the Granite State to be outraged regardless of political party.

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