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Jeanne's weekly horoscopes May 4

Jeanne's horoscopes May 4
Jeanne's horoscopes May 4
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Aries - Things socially will improve later in the week. Keep your dreams in perspective even thought things are not moving ahead like you want them to.

Taurus - Finally your break has come. Your obstacles are removed and you can move forward in love and career.

Gemini - As your planet, Mercury enters your sign this week, expect things to be extra busy. You can handle everything that comes your way if you focus on one thing at a time.

Cancer - Your energy levels are really up and down this week. It might be time to pursue your spirituality which will comfort you.

Leo - This is your week to rise, shine and get out there to make a difference. If you have wanted to pursue other career options, this is the week you'll have the support to do it.

Virgo - This week you can share your inner-most feelings with those loved ones that matter the most. Keep your spending in perspective.

Libra - Conflict may help you to make peace in the end. Change is all around you and plan but don't yet make those important decisions until things are a bit clearer.

Scorpio - There are lessons to learn in your love department this week. If you have been holding on to someone who's not there for you, re-thinking and evaluation will help you decide which way to go.

Sagittarius - Share your creativity this week with friends, family and loved ones. Take your loved ones and especially children out in nature - your favorite place.

Capricorn - The things you care about the most - friends, family and home - will be high on your list this week. Positive changes are well on the way.

Aquarius - Change is still in the air around your home and family. Long-term positive changes are open to you if you remain flexible.

Pisces - Have your response in hand when discussing money issues if you have to this week. Keep your conversations simple and to the point to make progress.

You can read Jeanne's full horoscopes in detail for each sun sign for this week.

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