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Jeanne's horoscopes May 25

Jeanne's horoscopes May 25
Jeanne's horoscopes May 25
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Aries - You'll be very busy this week! If you'll keep your thoughts to yourself and read between the lines, the bigger picture will become evident.

Taurus - Love could be in the air later this week. If single you could meet your heart's desire. If you have a partner, it's time to socialize and have fun!

Gemini - If you've been wanting to start something new, you are in luck this week. You'll get green lights with the new moon entering your sign.

Cancer - It's time to get your home organized. Family members will be more open in discussing important family matters.

Leo - Time to use your natural creativity. Opportunities may come your way, especially if you get out and socialize.

Virgo - At work, your boss may seem out of sorts, causing you some stress. Using your patience will come in handy and you'll be glad you did.

Libra - Personal conflicts are on the horizon this week. You'll stay in balance by avoiding unnecessary altercations with those in authority.

Scorpio - Worry over finances may cause you some distress. You can deal with it if you are truthful in your assessment and making a plan of action will benefit you in the long run.

Sagittarius - Listening and actually hearing when others voice their opinions could benefit you. Try not to be a know-it-all to keep perspective of what is really going on. Decisions are in the air.

Capricorn - Listen carefully as their may be a message in what other's are saying. You aren't through transforming yet so hang on and keep your opinions to a minimum.

Aquarius - Romance mixes well with socializing this week. It's time to pull out the stops and have some fun for a change.

Pisces - If their are children in your life, spend some quality time with them and use your natural creative energy in the process.

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